Toys for your pig

Pigs are very intelligent creatures they are ranked number five in the most intelligent animals, it goes humans, apes, toothed whales, pigs and elephants, however there is some debate as to wether pigs and elephants should be switched.  Pigs are omnivorous so they have to work a bit harder to find thier food than grazers in the wild which has made them the smartest of all the animals we have domesticated.  So how to keep them amused?  You can meke simple toys for your pig.  Europe has even made it law that commercial pig farmers must put at least one toy in each sty to keep the pigs amused!  Footballs are good but even better are toys that mimic natural behavior, such as the rooting box.

Rooting box

Here is a picture of a pot bellied pig rooting around in her rooting box.  Shipping buoys are also good as they are tough and the ig can play with the rope as well as the ball.  Another cheap and natural alternative is to take a swede and bore a hole through the middle then hang the rope from something sturdy just in the pigs reach but so that it swings around a bit so it is tricky to get a good bite and it takes longer to eat.